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Image by Jamie Hagan

Adventure Packages

COVID safe adventure packages for Black folk to set the foundation for your adventure.

So you want to go on vacation to explore something and somewhere new but with COVID, where can you go? Where would you even want to go that feels safe to explore?


You've seen other Black folks exploring places like Utah and Arizona, but you don't know how to plan out THOSE types of vacations.



The Unpopular Black will facilitate a new type of vacation for you that you may have previously deemed "for white people", but honey you can enjoy them just as much.


After you pay, we will send a questionnaire for you to fill out. From there we will formulate everything foundation level for you to choose from. Think lodging neighborhoods, activities, transportation, things to experience, etc based on the vibe you've indicated in the questionnaire. You will be given the rough draft to look over and then we will set a time for a Zoom call where we will go over everything together and finalize the foundation for your adventure. This will be approx 2 week turn around.


- Our adventure expertise on the best and safest way to adventure.

- 90 minutes recorded Zoom call where we go over the rough draft to finalize the foundation to your adventure.

- A foundation to your adventure vacation meaning the ideal lodging neighborhood, recommended transportation, activities, weather and wardrobe suggestions, and adventure spots all based on the vibe you've indicated and feel comfortable exploring. 

- You will receive the PDF with the finalized outline with links to what we've decided is best for you. 

- 30-minute emergency call during the vacation in case you need help finding something or for clarification

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