Image by Drew Lindsley


a hot springs adventure 

that will leave you relaxed.

Are you ready to adventure? I would have never thought I’d be excited to explore Idaho but I am literally radiating with glee after having experienced it. Here is the rundown for you to decide if it's for you.


Let me begin by saying, you do not need to have any experience adventuring in order to join. Everyone will receive a preparation and packing guide. This trip won't be technical at all. 


Each day we will be hitting 2-3 hot springs as they are sort of clustered but a couple of hours away in different directions. This will take the first half of each day to which we can either explore more or head back, take a nap, and kick it until bedtime. 

Since the days will start early and we will be spending so much time in hot springs, the days will feel long. You can expect the after-effects of hot springs chillin to feel like getting a really long massage. Hot springs used to be sacred spaces to indigenous people for relaxing and communing with spirit. You will feel super relaxed and tired by the end of your time in Idaho. It’s going to be so good.

Day 1


10/3 - Arrive

Fly into Boise 


10/4 Get up and situated to adventure

Head up to the Airbnb about 2-3 hours away. Get comfortable, visit the local shops.


10/5 Kirkham, Bonnevile, & Pine Flats

Wake up early AF (330/4ish to arrive by sunrise) and head 2+ hours to Lowman and Stanely where we'll find 3 phenomenal hot springs and scenic mountain views. We'll spend 2-3 hours at each one. 2 of the 3 hot springs are a close walk from parking. The 3rd is about an easy mile hike. Stanley is where we'll grab lunch. The drive there is wild. I found that it was key to appreciating the multitude of terrains Idaho offers. 


10/6 Jerry Johnson & Weir Creek

These hot springs are 4+ hours away but so being on the road by 330 am is essential. I will be driving so nap away. We'll be heading to Clearwater National Forest which is right next to Montana and the forest is beautifully lush. The 1st hot spring is about 1.5 miles in and the second is only about .25 of a mile but it's super steep. These are well worth the drive and hike. Seriously.

10/7 Trail Creek &  Sweet 16

These last 2 are closer to home base. The first is less than an hour away and is nestled so perfectly in nature. We'll enjoy the sunrise here for a few hours. The second is about an hour away on a really small one-laned road. This one is a local gem. This is a shorter day so we'll be back to the Airbnb to pack up and chill.


10/8 Okay bye!

We'll head back to Boise for everyone to head out. 

What’s included:

Cost: $900

 - A packing list

 - A full excursion and guide to 7 non-commercial, natural hot springs adventures visiting 2-3 a day

 - Lodging for 6 nights between Boise and Cascade, ID  

 - Transportation 

 - Groceries for the house, snacks, and breakfast while adventuring

 - Bomb ass Instagram views unlike anything you've seen

 - Exclusive time with me (Courtney, The Unpopular Black owner) to learn how to feel confident adventuring, the small random things to know, and general knowledge I've gained over the last 4 years adventuring solo. 

I can offer a payment plan if you would like to pay that way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What airport do I fly into? 

Boise Airport

How will we get to our Airbnb? What is the transportation situation?

I will be renting a vehicle and for liability purposes, I will be the only one driving it.

Cancellation Policy- 

You will receive an 80% refund if you have to cancel before the 30 days leading into our arrival date. 


What about COVID?

If you are joining, you will need to have either taken the COVID vaccine or self-quarantine at least 7 days leading up to this trip and provide a negative COVID test. You will also need to sign a form upon arrival stating you have not been reckless or knowingly exposed to COVID in the prior 14 days, a liability waiver, and a media release form.