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Image by Drew Lindsley


a hot springs adventure 

that will leave you relaxed.

I would have never thought I’d be excited to explore Idaho but I am literally radiating with glee after having experienced it. Soaking in these hot springs feel sacred.

There will be a Spring '23 group and a Fall '23 group. The itineraries are identical. 


Let me begin by saying, you do not need to have any experience adventuring in order to join. Everyone will receive a preparation and packing guide. This trip won't be technical at all. I want to acknowledge that I am unable to offer this as accessibility friendly at the moment but I plan to offer something within a year or two.


Each day we will be hitting 1-3 hot springs as they are sort of clustered but a couple of hours away in different directions. This will take the first half of each day to which we can either explore more or head back, take a nap, and kick it until bedtime. 

Since the days will start early and we will be spending so much time in hot springs, the days will feel long. You can expect the after-effects of hot springs chillin to feel like getting a really long massage. Hot springs used to be sacred spaces to indigenous people for relaxing and communing with spirit. You will feel super relaxed and tired by the end of your time in Idaho. It’s going to be so good.

If you get motion sick, you should not join. There are continuously winding mountain roads on this trip.