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New Mexico

Adventuring the land, food, & culture

Taos & Santa Fe, NM

New Mexico is truly enchanted. If you've never you been, you may not expect much but as the road leads you deeper into nature and even the smaller towns, you find yourself curious and excited as it reveals itself to you. 


Let me begin by saying, you do not need to have any experience adventuring in order to join. Everyone will receive a preparation and packing guide. This trip won't be technical at all. I am sorry to say that this is not accessibility friendly but I do plan to create some adventures in the future.


The first halves of each day will begin with adventure, beginning 2+ hours before sunrise. The afternoons and evening will be focused around that areas Indigenous culture and food. There will be 3 mornings of hot springs. We must get there before sunrise in order to beat any crowd. 

Since the days will start early and we will be spending so much time in hot springs, the days will feel long. You can expect the after-effects of hot springs chillin to feel like getting a really long massage. Hot springs used to be sacred spaces to Indigenous people for relaxing and communing with spirit. You will feel super relaxed and possibly tired after those 3 days but the rest of the time will feel balanced and beautiful.


Sunday, April 24th

Day 1 - Arrive and drive

Fly in by 5pm. We'll fly into Albuquerque by 5pm and head straight to Taos, NM 2.5 hours away.

Monday, April 25th

Day 2 - Hot Springs & the Rio Gorge

We will be on the road by 5am to make it be at the hot spring by sunrise. This hot spring has a short scramble dow a mountain by well manicured trail. This hot spring is on the side of the Rio Grande River. It's pretty incredible. Once we are pruney, as we head back in to town the long way, we will cross the Rio Grande Gorge which is the 2nd highest bridge of the US highway system. Once back to town, we will shower and grab food and connect with the Taos culture.

Tuesday, April 26th

Day 3 - Hot Springs & Scenic Historic Byways

Today will start the same as Monday but in another location. After we leave we will head straight back to the Airbnb to shower and pack then enjoy some food and culture. We will hit the Taos Scenic byway for a sunset drive into Santa Fe.

Wednesday, April 27th

Day 4 - Hot Springs, Daydreams, & Waterfalls

This drive to today's hot springs is about 2 hours so we will leave the house no later than 430 am. This hot springs is in the mountains. It overlooks the mountain it sits on. Absolutely incredible. From here we will change at the cars and hit a waterfall hike in the area before heading back in to Santa Fe to enjoy some food and culture for the res of the day. 

Thursday, April 28th

Day 5 - Bandelier National Monument

Today will be a little more chill. We will wake up early still but have breakfast and then take off to Bandelier where we can hike among some preserved ancestral Puebloan land. We will explore for a few hours and then head back to enjoy our last night.

Friday, April 29

Day 6 - Adios!

We will have our final breakfast together and then head back to Albuquerque. Plan to leave after 12 pm.

What’s included:


Cost: $2400

 - A packing list that educates you on why this gear is important and how to use them for other adventures.

 - A full excursion and guide to: 3 natural hot springs, a National Monument, a waterfall hike,  enchanted scenery,  Puebloan culture and the tastes of New Mexico

 - Lodging for 5 nights between Taos and Santa Fe, NM 

 - Transportation 

 - Group dining experiences

 - Incredible Instagram views unlike anything you've seen

 - Learn the basics of taking photos and videos of yourself in nature, posing, editing, and composition.

 - Exclusive time with me (Courtney, The Unpopular Black owner) to learn how to feel confident adventuring, the small random things to know, and general knowledge I've gained over the last 6 years adventuring solo. 

PayPal Pay Later is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What airport do I fly into? 

Albuquerque Airport

How will we get to our Airbnb? What is the transportation situation?

I will be renting 2 vehicle and for liability purposes, my partner and I will be the only one driving them.

Cancellation Policy- 

You will receive an 50% refund if you have to cancel 60 days before our arrival date. 


What about COVID?

Safety will always be my top priority. You will either need to be vaccinated for have a negative COVID test within 48 hours of arrival time.

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