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5 Day Adventure Itinerary

However long your vacation is, you will receive 5 full and joyous days of adventure plans. I will suggest an area to stay based on the locations of your destinations. This may include some hours of driving but you will not regret it. 


I can gaurantee you will visit places you could have never imaged were real, let alone in the US. 


You will need to rent a car but outside of that, I will ask you your daily budget for adventuring and keep to it. If there are options outside of your budget I think you may like, I will add those in "*" in case you want to add it to your day.


NOTE: I do not book or reserve tour/ Airbnb/ car for you. I may suggest lodging or a tour company. If you would like for me to book your car, lodging, or tours, I can do so for an additional 15% of the total cost of accomodations I handle.


Step 1

After you pay, you will receive an email with a questionnaire for you to fill out to which I will build your experience from there. 


Step 2

After reviewing, I will make your itinerary and packing list. You will receive it within 20 business days. 


Step 3

With the itinerary, you will receive a link to my schedule to go over your itinerary with questions.


Step 4

You adventure, be one with nature, woosah, vibe..... all the things.

5 Day Adventure Itinerary

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