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St. George, UT

Water Fun in the Desert Sun

The Southwest is often imagined as desert and cacti. There's so much more. Let's go explore swimming holes, hot springs, and reservoirs hosted on Mars.

There is a St. George adventure during Spring '23 and Fall '23. The Itineraries are same.


Let me begin by saying, you do not need to have any experience adventuring in order to join. Everyone will receive a preparation and packing guide. This trip won't be technical at all. 


This will be a different vibe than the other adventures I guide. This will be more chill but fully immersed in water vibes. If you are not a swimmer or comfortable with wearing a life vest regularly, you should not come. 

We will be in St. George, Utah which is 2 hours from Las Vegas. It's centrally located to the Mars-like reservoir, natural hot springs, Pink Coral Sand dunes, Bryce Canyon, and other out of this world vibes we will be experiencing for this week.

If you get motion sick, I would not recommend joining us.