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Hi, hello! My name is 
Courtney Tomiko Lanctot

I am an Alaskan raised Black woman who educates the Black community on how to adventure the American outdoors safely and joyously. I am a translator of the Black experience to companies seeking to understand how to connect with them effectively and responsibly to a demographic of massive cultural and spending power.

Individual employees, departments and companies as a whole are rightfully terrified of cancel culture, leaving many anxiety-filled questions unanswered in order to not be called out as racist. 

I offer the safe space to be asked the terrifying DEI questions without judgement, backlash or shame.

Examples of questions

- What is the difference between representation and tokenism in branding & marketing?

- Why does including BIPoC in our marketing matter?

- Is DEI just a trend?

- What if we are a conservative company?


Let's work together

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who benefits from this?

  • Companies and organizations looking to expand DEI awareness and/or appropriately collect the DEI coins

Why does our company need this?

  • All of your employees white or white facing and essentially speculating how to avoid being cancelled

  • Some employees struggle with why DEI even matters

  • "In 2019, consumer expenditures by Black households totaled approximately $835 billion. Combined spending by all Black households has increased 5 percent annually over the past two decades. It has outpaced the growth rate of combined spending by White households (3 percent), driven mostly by faster population growth."

How much does this cost?

  • What’s your budget for your PR in the event of being cancelled or your R&D budget for appropriate marketing?

How is this delivered?

  • In person or Zoom. I recommend in person so we can create a more personal experience.

Are our conversations anonymous?

  • The identity and identifying factors stay anonymous. Examples may be used for communications or marketing

How long are our sessions?

  • 90 minutes with 1 follow up session and the ability to add individual private sessions

How does a session look?

  • After my intro and bio we jump into questions and allow space for a conversation because that is usually what is desired; a non-judgemental respectful conversation

Is that racist?

Trying to avoid being cancelled while figuring the appropriateness or efficacy of a new campaign, hiring an employee, or simply creating a safe space for your company's growth regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion?

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