The mission is to encourage adventure beyond the stereotypes and narratives of what Black people "don't do".

Our goal is to show a real representation of Black people adventuring and provide real information on how to access these spaces that have been white facing for far too long.


 There are so many Black people and organizations adventuring,  yet we are still subscribing to the narratives of what we "don't do". Our current vision is to create a National Black Adventure Directory that will create representation, provide information, and improve accessibility to white-facing activities and spaces.


To continue encouraging and truly provide a visual representation of what adventure can be, Courtney, The UB founder, will be tackling a 6-month + road trip around the nation to different states, regions, and terrains to connect with Black adventurers and Black-owned adventure businesses. 

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"My husband and I were always nervous about traveling for my sake, but you showed us we could!!"

Rock Formation
The UB began in 2018 with organizing adventures. Courtney soon realized, there were already individuals and organizations doing so.  Beginning of 2020, we pivoted to highlight those who were already organizing. From workshops and collaborative events evolved into the idea of a directory where anyone throughout the US can connect to adventure. 
We have a snippet, a preview of the vision of the Black Adventure Directory built. We see it partially as a contributor based so that when visiting, you know we are sharing this adventure from the first-hand experience. We want to share them almost like adventure stories from the Black perspective. For us to encourage adventure, it's important to feel safe and familiar in these spaces.
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Encouraging Black Adventure

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