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Image by Thomas Lipke


Exploring the North Pole under the Northern Lights

February 20-24, 2023

I remember growing up in Anchorage, early 90's being able to see the Northern Lights from my house. Now due to light pollution, you often have to get pretty far out of the city to see them when they flare. So we'll simply go to where we would have the most calculated luck. Fairbanks!

A very important thing about this trip to me is to show you that Alaska actually has a rich Black culture. I look forward to sharing it with you.

What we'll be doing

We will be: dog sledding to view the Northern Lights, flightseeing over the Arctic Circle, drive to Denali National Park, soaking in Chena hot springs, snowmobiling among the wildlife, vibing at an Ice Bar, and so much more.


Fairbanks will be cold. Expect that for sure. I will absolutely prepare you with a proper packing list. It is beyond worth it in views and experience. Alaska still leaves me in awe and I want the community to experience it.


We will have full days and possibly sleepless nights as the Northern Lights are not something you can plan ahead for. They are a phenomenon that are a  “result of collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth's atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun's atmosphere. Variations in color are due to the type of gas particles that are colliding. ... Nitrogen produces blue or purplish-red aurora.” There is an app that can let us know a few hours before if we are likely witness them but the best times are usually between 10pm and 3am.


We will have multiple guided experiences to catch them in the wilderness. One of the tours, we'll dog sled to a rural cabin where we can expect to catch the Northern Lights. Another will be at the hot springs resort area that has a Northern Lights viewing dome.

Other than the Northern Lights, we will be going to Reindeer farms and snowmobile tours for wilderness watching as well as vibing the local highly rated Chena Hot Springs.

Something to note, because Alaska is so far North, the days in the winter can be really short with sunrise not until 8-9am.


There are some days that need to be structured based on the scheduled tour but the other days will be up to the group of what we feel like doing for the day.


February 20

Day 1 - Arrive into Fairbanks

It’s is important to me  for us to arrive and leave rested so the first and last day is dedicated to traveling and chillin. The days are busy enough that exhaustion can mess up the vibe.

February 21

Day 2 - Sunrise Snowmobile & Aurora Cabins

We will do a snowmobile tour for sunrise as this is the best time to view the wild animals along the way. This highly rated tour is an absolute blast. We will head back to home base where you can change and shower if you need. Then we’ll check out the reindeer farm for a while. Afterwards, we’ll head to Chena Hot Springs resort where we’ll do the first night of Northern Lights viewing tour. We will be taken to a remote cabin where there will be hot drinks and snacks to just sit under the vastness of the Alaskan sky.

February 22

Day 3 - Museums, Musk Ox, & Hot Springs

After breakfast, we will hit the Museum of the North to view the history and art of Alaska and the Indigenous peoples of the land. From here we'll check out some prehistoric looking animals the Musk Ox until lunch. Afterwards, we’ll head back to chill for a little before going to Chena Hot Springs Ice Bar and soak in their famous hot springs. The hot springs closes at midnight so hopefully we can get some Northern Lights viewing there as well.


February 23

Day 4 - North Pole & Northern Lights

The last activity day we’ll visit the literal North Pole, a town in Alaska. From there we'll continue to explore more of Alaskan history and learn deeper about the Indigenous people, then that night we will take a 5 hour dog sledding tour under the Northern Lights.


February 24

Day 5 - Okay, Bye.

Depending on what time everyone heads out, we can hit Chena Hot Springs one more time.

What’s included:

 - A packing list that educates you on why this gear is important and how to use it for other adventures.

 - A completely guided adventure through Fairbanks, Alaska and area like you've never experienced, especially with other Black folks.

 - Lodging in a wonderful AirBnB for 4 nights 

 - Professional photographer Stephen LA Miller capturing moments and a link to download images

 - Group transportation to and from all group activities

 - Group food and dining experiences

 - Groceries for the house, snacks

 - Incredible Instagram views unlike anything you've seen and probably taken yourself.

 - Learn how to take Instagram worthy selfies in nature including posing, editing, and composition.

 - Exclusive time with me (Courtney, The Unpopular Black owner) to learn how to feel confident adventuring, the small random things to know, and general knowledge I've gained over the last 6 years adventuring solo. 

Cost: $4,800( Use coupon code EarlyBird23 for 20% off until 11/11/22)

PayPal Pay Later payment plan is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What airport do I fly into? 

Fairbanks, AK

Is my flight included?

No, it is not.

How will we get to our Airbnb? What is the transportation situation?

I will be rent vehicles and for liability purposes, My team and I will be the only ones driving it.

Cancellation Policy- 

You will receive an 50% refund if you have to cancel 60 days before our arrival date. 


What about COVID?

You will need to be vaccinated or had a negative COVID test within 48 hours of arrival.

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