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Forest Path

We Out Here

Group adventures for the Black community.

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 - You are ready to try something new/

- You want to adventure but don't know where to begin/

- You love to adventure but can never find other Black folks to adventure with/

 - You know there is more to do but don't know how to find it...

Any of these the reason sound familiar?

Why adventure with The Unpopular Black?

As a group, we will adventure in the same way I do solo. With me, you learn how to explore confidently as I lead you in the way that I taught myself to adventure safely. The goal is for you to go home with confidence and joy, feeling like you could turn around and go on your own adventure. 


You will be able to give input into the flexible parts of the trip. The best adventures come from flexibility, so if as a group we decide to adjust the trip somewhere, we can. 

Each planned adventure is PACKED with activities you can often only find at that location. It is my top priority for you to experience something you cannot find elsewhere.

If you are traveling to a 1 day adventure, let me know and I will help with an itinerary for any other days you'll be in the area.

Multiday Adventures

Intangible things you receive: 

  • Learn the confidence to adventure and explore

  • Find peace and comfort in nature

  • Understanding the terrain/ weather/ aspects of the adventure and location to make future outdoor adventures feel familiar and predictable

  • Memories of scenery/ experiences/ activities you could never replicate perfectly in a million years.

  • Have fucking fun!

Note: These group adventures are for the Black community to join. Itineraries are for everyone.


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If you simply want an itinerary because you have your own group, purchase an itinerary here.

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