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Don't need an itinerary but need help with the details of your adventures still? 

You have seen the views online, you have heard about the vibes, you feel called to nature and want to experience it, I create a guide for you to visit all of the incredible places the United States has to offer. 


This has become second nature to me and I want to share this with you and your friends. Being in nature expands us in all ways; emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.


As a community, we need experiences like playing in nature, navigating new terrains, witnessing the phenomenal beauty of this land that has felt unfamiliar and harmful to us for so long. 

Your version of adventure and mine may be completely different and I plan your trip around your familiarity, comfort, and intention. 

Image by elizabeth lies

What is a
Personalized Adventure?

Based on how you answer our questionnaire, you will receive an adventure itinerary specific to what you are wanting to experience in the American outdoors. 
This is personalize to you and for you.

Why would you pay for this?

As I have been adventuring in the outdoors solo for the last 5 years, I know what to look for, how to navigate, and where to go to maximize an experience. I absolutely love exploring the outdoors and only seek to provide incredible experiences to more Black folks.

I have a level of expertise that can help guide most levels of adventuring. I live for this. I am invested in your joy of the outdoors.

What do you receive?

Upon your purchase, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out. It will ask you in depth of what you are looking for, wanting, comfort level and adventure experience, do you have a destination in mind, how many days would you like to adventure, etc. 

The foundations of each package are:

 - a guided adventure for the amount of days you have chosen, based on your comfort level

 - 20 minute call for follow up understanding

 - Packing guide based on season and location

When to order

A regular itinerary  has a turn around time of 14 - 21 days. This is for you to plan ahead in your adventures. 

You may order a rushed itinerary that will be turned around in 7-10 days.

Please keep this in mind when you order. 


You want to plan your own adventure but still need help. Hire me to look over your plans to double check for safety or help you identify what you need to know, period. 

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Here are some vibes if you need some inspiration

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