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20 Min Adventure Consultation

Whether you are new to adventuring or  needing help figuring the logistics for an adventure new to you, I am here to talk you through it. If you have an adventure you are planning and want to make sure you are covering all bases so you maximize your time, a consultation is perfect. 


A 20 minute consultation is for if you already have everything planned but you need a second pair of eyes to quickly look over it. In order for me to best help you, please send your plans/ itinerary in responding to my confirmation email.


I have years of navigating through the outdoors, nature, and adventuring in and out of both. I have an understanding of what things you need to know in which climates or regions along with what to look out for, both good and bad. For instance, I recommend adventuring in the fall and spring for many reasons but a top one is you don't have to worry about crawly creatures in the cooler temps in the dessert or mountains. Also, viewing of the Milky Way can be situational based on the cloud coverage or if the moon is full. 

20 Min Adventure Consultation

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