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February 23 - March 1, 2023

Winter Festival | Dog Sledding | Flightseeing | Ice Caves | Denali National Park | Iditarod | Snowmobiling | Glacier Tours | and... 

Growing up, when I believed that Black people didn’t adventure, I planned to escape Alaska and never come back. Now, I understand the gratitudes of this land and deeply want for the Black community to experience this magical place that takes my breath away around each corner.


For as long as I can remember, we went to the Juneteenth festival every year. Black folks were very much part of living in Anchorage. At least in the areas I was in. Often times we just have to see US somewhere to begin contemplation of getting there. I created The Unpopular Black for this.

What we're doing

During this adventure week we will be checking out: Fur Rondy Winter festival, flightseeing to Denali National Park, visiting the town of Talkeetna, snowmobiling through ice caves, checking out the prep for the famous Iditarod dog sledding competition, visiting wild animals at a refuge, eating reindeer sausage, and so much more


We will be moving around a lot and the daylight in the Alaskan winters can feel short. We will be doing a lot of different touring from dog sled to prop plane.


Expect incredible winter views and wildlife. It will be chilly AF between 10 - 40 degrees but you will receive a proper packing guide to keep you comfy and warm.

Visuals of what we will be doing.



Day 1



Day 2

Our first activity day will be based in Girdwood, Alaska about an hour from Anchorage. We will take a 6 hour tour of glaciers and ice caves via snow machine! The picture gallery for this looks incredible. Before ending our day in Girdwood, we will take the Alyeska Tram to the top of the mountain to fully experience the vastness of that area. 


Day 3

We’ll head back south passing Girdwood for another 30 minutes to Whittier, Alaska. "Nestled between glaciers and lush mountains, Whittier is the gateway to stunning Prince William Sound." The drive is incredible and to get there we have to go through a 2.5 mile long tunnel through a mountain. This will be simply a scenic experience where we will drive to a piece of Alaska not many experience. After touring the town, we’ll head back to Anchorage stopping at the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Area where you will get to see Alaska wildlife up close (behind a fence); think Musk Ox, Moose, Reindeer, etc.


Day 4

Heading North, we will witness the awesome views of the Matanuska Valley on our way to that day’s tour, Dog Sledding! This will be 2 hours of playing with and learning about the dogs and then being pulled on a dog sled! These dogs are trained for this and the tour we will be taking treats their dogs well.


On our way home we will stop by the Eagle River Nature Center which is a dedicated outside space to picturesque Alaskan winter views.


This night is the start to the Winter Festival Fur Rondy so we will head to downtown Anchorage to watch the fireworks!

Day 5

This day you will get to experience Alaskan fun. The Fur Rondy festival will be in full swing with a “Winter Carnival” vibe downtown, professional dog sledders, outhouse race contest, running of the caribou and more. It’s a full day of fun, food, culture and probably booze.


Day 6

Our last activity day we’ll head North to Talkeetna, Alaska. An adorable, small town where we will hop on a prop plane to tour Denali National Park and Glacier. Heading up, touring, hanging out, and back down will be an all day experience and a wonderful way to end this week of adventuring.


Day 7

Okay, Bye!

What’s included:

Everything. All Inclusive.


Cost: $4000

 - A packing list that educates you on why this gear is important and how to use it for other adventures.

 - A completely guided adventure like you've never experienced with other Black folks.

 - Lodging for 5 nights 

 - All group tours 

 - Transportation 

 - Group dining experiences fitting of Alaska

 - incredible Instagram views unlike anything you've seen

 - Learn the basics of taking photos and videos of yourself in nature, posing, editing, and composition.

 - Exclusive time with me (Courtney, The Unpopular Black owner) to learn how to feel confident adventuring, the small random things to know, and general knowledge I've gained over the last 6 years adventuring solo. 

Anchorage Itinieray

Frequently Asked Questions

What airport do I fly into? 

Anchorage, AK​

How will we get to our Airbnb? What is the transportation situation?

I will be renting a vehicle and for liability purposes, I will be the only one driving it. ​

Cancellation Policy- 

You will receive an 50% refund if you have to cancel 60 days before our arrival date. 


What about COVID?

You will need to be vaccinated or had a negative COVID test within 48 hours of arrival.

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